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About us

Originally from Brittany, we moved to Australia 5 years ago after finishing our studies with one goal : travel the world! But after one year traveling around Australia, we fall in love with the country and specially the South West. We never left and made our new home in the beautiful Busselton, WA. 

Nevertheless we miss our culture, our family heritage. We have decided to bring it over and share it with you. Be ready to discover the real Breton's crêpes!

‘Un Breton’ is a person native to Brittany, a north-western province of France. Brittany was originally an independent kingdom before uniting with greater France, and is the province historically regarded as the birthplace of the crêpe.

Since the 13th century, buckwheat thrived in the climate of Brittany, bringing a plentiful harvest that quickly ensured crêpes would become a favourite amongst provincial farmers. From humble beginnings, the crêpe evolved, making it not only a family favourite meal, but a gourmet cuisine regarded the world over.

The batter recipe you are about to try has been in our family for over four generations. Our mentor (the head chef’s mother) has refined the process, making it available the world over through her restaurants and books. And now, graciously, she has passed down her passion and skill for crêpe making to us!

Born from a desire to combine tradition and modernity, and to perpetuate an ancestral savoir-faire that we believe our family would be proud of, we have created ‘Bistro Breton’ to share our love of crêpes with you. 

What Breton Means?
Bistro Breton

How does it works?

Open for Breakfast and Lunch, we see ourselves as a restaurant with all the benefits of a Café.

Great barista made coffees and fresh orange juice, quick food, modern and warm atmosphere,  but with lots of cooking and table service in a French bistro setup.

At ‘Bistro Breton’, the crêpes and dishes we serve are made to order and prepared using fresh ingredients. We want you to experience the real taste of Breton’s crêpes and to do so we’ve imported our buckwheat flour directly from our family’s producer as well as the crêpe makers.

Traditionally, you would eat a savoury crêpe made of buckwheat flour (which is naturally gluten free) for main, followed by a sweet crêpe (made of wheat flour) for dessert, all accompanied by a bolée of cider or a glass of wine. (we are BYO)


We wish you a BON APPETIT!

Fanny & Thibaut



* While our savoury crêpes are made of 100% gluten-free buckwheat flour, they may still contain some traces of gluten due to our other food preparations

* Buckwheat crêpes (savoury) are also very appreciated with sweet toppings (recommended for gluten intolerance)

* Wheat crêpes (sweet) can also be used for savoury toppings, nothing wrong with that!

* Vegetarian options are available for most of our savoury crêpes

* Please inform our staff of any food allergies

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