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A traditional savoir-faire


Buckwheat flour

Traditionally, you would eat a savoury crêpe made of buckwheat flour (which is naturally gluten free) for main, that we serve with our homemade French cuisine.

Buckwheat crêpes (savoury) are also very appreciated with sweet toppings (recommended for gluten intolerance)

homemade cuisine

Wheat flour

Followed by a sweet crêpe for dessert, just plain or with freshly cooked toppings, you'll never be disapointed. Wheat crêpes can also be used for savoury toppings, nothing wrong with that!

About us

Le Bistro Breton

Originally from Brittany, a north-western province of France and historically regarded as the birthplace of the crêpe, we moved to Australia 5 years ago and made our new home in the beautiful Busselton,WA.  

Born from a desire to combine tradition and modernity, and to perpetuate an ancestral savoir-faire that we believe our family would be proud of, we have created ‘Bistro Breton’ to share our love of crêpes with you. 

We invite you to discover our traditional dishes, our history and our love for French cuisine.

buy local

Promote local producer

Using fresh products for our cuisine, we try to get our supplies locally. Supporting local producer to eat fresh, grow the local economy and reduce our pollution is part of our beliefs.

At Bistro Breton the crêpes and dishes we serve are made to order and prepared using fresh ingredients

Our flour

100% French buckwheat

We want you to experience the real taste of Breton’s crêpes and to do so we’ve imported our buckwheat flour directly from our family’s producer in Brittany, France.

Darker and richer, the flour which is naturally 100% Gluten Free, is a secret family mix that gives the perfect savoury crêpe.